New BMX Track, your thoughts?

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3/2/2014 7:52 AM

Hey guys, I am an old school BMX guy (1980's - RAD generation). I am seriously contemplating building a BMX track in the north Georgia (Alpharetta/Cumming) area. This track will NOT be a park track, it will be a 7-10 acre BMX track for you guys to come ride/practice on, but be built to bring state/national/international events too. I wan't the ABA and UCI to bring the big names, corporations, etc to North GA, and give local guys a chance.

My question to you guys, the riders, is this. Is there a need/WANT for a track like this? Do you guys know if the big sponsors and ABA need/WANT a track in GA for a circuit and to bring the sport to GA?

Guys, feel free to post ANY and ALL comments...good or bad about this. I appreciate it all.



3/3/2014 10:24 PM

yes i'd hit it every time i come down that way!


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