Advice on buying first bmx for 8 year old

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12/1/2019 8:11 AM

Hi, I would like to buy a BMX for my son who is nearly 4’5” and have no experience of what to look for.
I don’t want one that is going to be too heavy and unsure what wheel or frame size would suit. Looking to spend £300-350 approx if possible. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thank you in advance


1/18/2020 2:40 PM

There are many good starter bmx's on the market to choose from and everyone each has their favourites.
I think the first question you would need to answer is what type of "ride" you're son has or will have access to -where you are (i.e. park with ramps or halfpipe or without, flatland/street etc)
This would determine the strength of the frame needed which would lessen the choice somewhat, but there's still lots.
I would suggest that you go and look at some bikes in a bike shop to determine the size of the frame as how it feels is the best way imo to determine what's suitable. Somewhat like buying clothes! 🤗 until you know you're perfect size- try them on!
In this case it's expensive to make a guess!
Hope this helps.