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5/22/2018 1:48 AM

Hello I’m new here and I’m looking to buy a bike at albes first of all do they scam because there prices are really cheap which is good but too good and do they deliver or does it take a really long time a reply will be gratefully appreciated


5/23/2018 12:27 PM

Albes are in the US, so the price is in dollars. With our current exchange rate, it's a lot cheaper to buy from the US, BUT you'll get charged about £80 shipping, and import tax/handling fees will be at least 20% of the final cost (bike + shipping). So, if the bike and shipping comes to £400 you'll have to pay at least another £80 on top of that.
Source always have good deals, check them out


5/23/2018 12:28 PM

Oh, and post in the general forum, no one really checks in here