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4/21/2019 9:09 AM

Bought a bmx today made by a company called concept cycles Ltd UK design by mad Frank
Bike is called a concept freestyler mello yellow other then this I have no idea what yr the bike is been told by who I got bike from it's a 1993 but I'm thinking late 80s Photo


4/22/2019 12:47 PM

I’m afraid to say I don’t think that’s anything special. A quick google tells me that V brakes started being specced on mountain bikes in ‘96 so I’d hazard a guess at that being late 90’s at the oldest and even then given the rest of the parts I can see, a cheap toys r us style complete.


4/24/2019 7:55 PM

Those sprockets were on loads of cheaper completes in the mid to late 90’s. looks like a ruption style cheap bike to be honest. Might be worth a few quid to the right person.


5/21/2019 1:08 AM
Edited Date/Time: 5/21/2019 1:09 AM

Looking at the seat post, back end and those pegs it does look a lot like a mid/late 90s Ruption, similar to my shonky old TX5 (see my bike check)