Brake Lever On Right

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2/23/2021 5:48 PM

Hello guys.

I am from Nova Scotia in Canada.

Most people here use a brake lever on the right side rather than the left.

Most people world-wide are right-handed, so they would be better off using a brake lever on the right.

Yes, I am aware you guys have the car drivers seat on the right, unlike on the left like here. Regardless of this...

I just wanted to tell you guys this year to make riding easier.

Also, it feels natural and is wicked if you spin left and like lawnmowers.

Just helping, thought it would be god to know!

I hope this helps you and your riding!


3/14/2021 9:23 AM

Yeah that’s right. The front brake lever goes on the right.


3/18/2021 9:41 AM

Thanks for the helpful advice, but...

The front brake on a bicycle provides 90-100% of the available braking effort when both brakes are fitted (which is a legal requirement for any bicycle ridden on the road), and is much more effective at speed retardation than a rear brake so it makes more sense to have the best brake under the control of your best hand (as you said, the majority are right handed).

I'd like to reciprocate the helpfulness too:

It makes more sense for a car to be right hand drive - it means that when you're changing gear the steering is under the control of your best hand, and also when you're using the handbrake to assist in tight turns. It's just more natural that way.

Also, the majority of racetracks around the world run clockwise, so it puts you on the safer side of the car in the pit lane.

I also just wanted to share that to make your driving easier and more fun this year.


3/21/2021 1:15 AM

Just put the lever on whichever side you feel is more comfortable. I put my lever on the right about 20 years ago, because I done one handed tricks with my left hand. But it really doesn't matter.