Hello UK riders

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10/9/2020 2:45 AM

Just a hello to see how active this forum is?
I'm new to BMX via my son, we had a bit of fun on a "Halfords" Xtreme I got him as a beater and he now has a kink something 🤔 can't remember what.
But anyway after a couple of go's around Hereford skate park It's got me, so I've picked up an old Federal division. Can't do anything yet...no hops or manuel's yet🤣 but let's see 🤞
It's a 21" top tube (center to center)


10/9/2020 4:41 AM

I’m in the uk too, but this forum doesn’t get much use. Best sticking to the general forum. My son doesn’t care for bikes, he’s a gamer kid, but he’s good at it and wants to be a game developer so I let him crack on with it


10/9/2020 4:59 AM

Thanks for the heads up pegless and advise on the brakes 😬 spoke to entity 👍
Think I'll just do what I can with them for now and put the money into something better later.


10/19/2020 3:28 PM

Does seem quiet on the UK side.


10/22/2020 11:35 AM

Welcome, another dad here who rides with his kids (although mine prefer scooters, daughter has asked about a bmx though so maybe for he birthday)

Tbh i dont post in the UK sub forum. All the conversation seems to be on the main page