Looking for new rider in Kent

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9/7/2018 10:58 AM

Hiya, I'm a 28 yr old noob looking for a male or female noob to ride with. I know it may be tricky to find someone around my age thats just starting out but let me know if you are, itd be great to have someone of a similar level to me!!

Instagram: emily.adventure.vtl

Cheers peeps


9/9/2018 12:58 PM

I'm not a noob, but I'm not great haha. I'm in folkestone and ride Ashford mostly. I pretty much stick to street. The only thing I could probably teach you is how to do fun stuff, as that's mostly all I do.
I'm 37, just dropping that in there so you don't think I'm a kid........
Ashford has trails, with a rollable kids line, street, and a skatepark. Folkestones got some good street but is only rideable on Sunday evenings really. I need to travel more though and visit new places
My insta is no.pegs.just.steve
Or theGrey.bmx is my (brand?) project thing