New affordable Crank set

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10/2/2017 1:39 PM

This is my first time on vital forum and I need some advice. I recently started riding so brought a secound hand bike. The cranks were worn down to the point they are unusable. I have been looking around for a 3 piece set thats ideally around £50/£60. As I am still learning I am not looking for a top quality set just sturdy and reliable. I have found sets like a Killa bmx 8 spline 3p and Firma ICS's but I do not know enough yet to know whether they are worth it or not. I know Salt cranks are good quality and relatively cheap but I cannot find somewhere selling them. Where is good source for buying bmx cranks preferable within the uk? Or what brand(s) should I be looking for?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


10/4/2017 10:38 AM is the big main uk retailer