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2/21/2018 8:52 AM

Hi guys, Phil here from Manchester. Just turned 38 and dying to relive my youth.

I thought I might be pushing it trying to get back onto a bike, but a nice Eastern Element came up cheaps on eGay. It was only 10 mins from my house, so popped over and picket it up

Photo2017-12-15_11-33-26 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr

Photo2017-12-20_09-27-00 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr

It then sat in the shed from mid-December until lastnight when I took it out for a little ride

Photo2018-02-20_09-41-10 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr

I quickly realised the rear pegs are a little too close as I kept catching the back of my trainer, but chain has a little slack, so bought some tensioners to move that back a little. Hopefully should sort it. Tried and failed at a couple of manuals. Not sure if the rear of the bike is too short. I used to be able to manual for fun back in the day, but that was on my old GT interceptor, and I probably weighed about 8 stone compared to the 13 I am rocking now. It's just gonna take some more practice I think.

Also, think I need a top loading stem as mine looks really deep at the steer tube, so doesnt look much room for a gyro, albeit I have the lower tabs already welded to the frame.


2/21/2018 9:39 AM

I’m in Warrington if your ever looking to ride with someone (33)


2/23/2018 4:31 AM

philbaines wrote:

I’m in Warrington if your ever looking to ride with someone (33)

Cheers dude. I'm hopefully going to get to grips with it again before I show myself up in front of people ha ha


2/27/2018 2:32 AM
Edited Date/Time: 2/27/2018 2:34 AM

Tightened up the chain a little lastnight. Bought some chain stays, only to realise it already had some on. Doh!!

Photo2018-02-27_10-23-41 by Phil Cookson, on Flickr

Swapped pegs from left to right and went out for 30 mins, but it was mega cold.

Realised I need some new grips too. I'd also like to get my hands on some forks with U-brake lugs as that caliper thing is utterly shit.


2/27/2018 2:50 PM

Looking nice dude,I’m dying to get out on mine but this snow isn’t helping


11/17/2019 9:40 PM

Hi all,

I've recently got my first bike at 37 - dying to have a go at some basic stuff but would love to find anyone to hookup with in the Manchester area (im in stockport) to help get me started and ride with.

If anyones about and fancies it let me know cheers!