Bikes Over Baghdad with Chad DeGroot 1

Follow along with Chad DeGroot in a four part video showing a behind-the-scenes look at his experience on an epic "Bikes Over Baghdad" trip in the Middle East. Below are some words from the man himself, along with each video -

"Bikes Over Baghdad trips have been going on since 2009 with more than 11 short trips planned. Only these last two in 2015 were mega trips lasting 14 days each. Entertainment was the main goal, along with getting the soldiers minds off where they are. Very appreciative, honest handshakes, and looking you dead in the eyes with genuine joy for what we did during the shows. This is hard to express in words. It can only be truly felt by attending a show. Numerous times being choked up was the norm. Thank you to all those who have selflessly served and sacrificed so much for our freedom.

This is my perspective of a 14 day trip to entertain the troops in the Middle East through my snapchat (chadisradasadad) with contributions from Rob Darden, Nate Wessel, Catfish, Anthony Napolitan, Morgan Wade, and Drew Bezanson. You have been warned. This is a four part series with a lot of real talk, real situations, and uncut footage. Enjoy and share with others so you all can see what we saw on this unreal trip to a lot of undisclosed locations in the Middle East."   -Chad DeGroot

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