Cam White Unit Edit 38

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Check out this new Cam White edit from Unit. His jumps are huge! Cam will be back in the states next week and we're going to be doing a Press List with him soon. Get stoked!
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kylecarlson kylecarlson 4/13/2009 5:44 PM

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3 bucks! Looks like some diggin went down since I was there. Cant wait for you to come shred here in LV player! Doin work!

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Where the hell are all your boys at?!!! That shits hard enough to do with a lot of insperation but to just go knock out a quick edit alone like that is another level. You fuckin rule brother once again dropping the hammer. Nice work.

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if i was ever asked what bmx was I would proudly pull this video up
i want to see him ride pittsburgh baby that'd be sick.
i love flip whips. they are the funnest trick eve other than inverts(over clicked inverts...mmmmmmmmmmm.mmmmmm)
but to throw the bars before Actually i could probably do it but i'd definitely have to be able to pinch the seat real good.
crazy and that front flip was massive
amazing filming
hugs and kisses no homo

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Ya those jumps are pretty damn huge. Who ever said they looked small till he hit em was right. Blastin! The flip bar spin to whip was amazing to.

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