The drama surrounding Ohio's Chenga 1 continue... The owners had a new building lined up for the park and they decided to do everything by the book this time around by filling the city in on all of the details. This turned out to NOT be the best idea, because the city stated that a licensed general contractor needed to do a lot of the work, including simple tasks like building non-load-bearing walls. When everything was tallied up, it would cost an additional $100,000 to get the work done with a GC. At this point Chenga 1 is still in limbo, and Scott Powell said they are open to all kinds of options, including moving the park to a different city, or selling the ramps to a city that wanted to build a park.

In the meantime, Chenga 2 is doing great, and a contest is going down there on August 19th.  Registration starts at 10AM and there will be classes for Beginner, Expert, Pro, and Best Trick. You know Chenga contests go off, so get off your couch and head to Ohio.

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