Two things that are very uncommon in the BMX world - leaving energy drink sponsors by choice and doing anything in the name of religion. This story has both.

Colton Satterfield has decided to leave Monster Energy due to "personal religious reasons." Here's his official statement - 

"I want to thank everyone at Monster for all they have done and do for action sports. I have chosen to part ways for personal religious reasons. Some of the marketing and logos that are meant to be edgy simply are edgy in areas that I personally could no longer support. I wish all the great people there the absolute very best and I thank them for their kind understanding. 

This was not a decision I made lightly. Getting such an energy drink sponsor is a big achieving step in action sports; they provide more than just financially, they help their athletes in many ways. The decision was not a light one by any means. I regret something seemingly so small, to some, as logos and various marketing, has to divide us; but I know it is the correct decision for me.

While many will disagree with or not understand Colton's viewpoint here, you've gotta give him credit for putting his personal morals above a paycheck. Colton is a one-of-a-kind individual and puts a lot of thought into every decision he makes. He also does double flairs on giant quarterpipes.

Colton sent this over to follow up on his initial statement - 

"I can imagine some non religious people thinking this is wild or crazy, and not that long ago I would have been one of those people. Previously I had been a far too logical person in life to go deeply into religion and still am that logical minded person. But I had a strait up real and wildly profound experience that shockingly confirmed serious religious truth to me. I had always been one to learn as much as I can. This experience was at the end of a knowledge or a deep world wisdom, most don't find, that seemingly discounted it; then that 'wisdom' was confounded as the bible describes and had my eyes opened in a real profound way. Some perceived 'wisdom' of the world is certainly a stumbling block that ensnares if one is not careful.  There is an actual dark side of things that deceives. Most who find this 'knowledge' sit in their pride of having it and don't actually step back and analyze it and can be pulled down into darkness; those who analyze it fully are already - or then become - Christians. My experience was profound.  Whole countries don't allow missionaries or other religions because their leaders trust this false or highly partial wisdom so hard. It is also wild to later read prophets of old, like Paul and many many others, who were wise dudes that essentially described every step of this knowledge that leads 'wise men' away and then describes each step up to the confounding and true light for those who seek. These were real, and actual very wise dudes of old. 

So for me, I do my best to walk uprightly before a very real and good God and, with some of their marketing and logos, it just wasn't something I could keep supporting. God is very real, Christ in actual reality lives. That's from a dude who has to logically understand things all the way around. Christianity is actually totally real. I was furthermore blown away to see the LDS religion understands literally everything in a very clear way. I know them to have the entire fullness of the gospel of Christ. It is His church. Something not long ago I would have sadly laughed at. But it is in actual true reality. God can show you this far better and more profound than even logically getting it. The highest form of wisdom is being humble before God. Everything else falls. It's true. A truth that is sadly scoffed at by many before ever given a fair shake. A truth too precious not to share. Love is what’s up. It's real."

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