The Basics

Name: Corey Furmage

Age: I will be 22 years of age on August 31st.

Sponsors: Vein BMX & Amber BMX

Hometown: Apple Valley, CA

Current Location: Apple Valley, CA

First bike: My first legit bike was a 1998 Dyno that my dad got me. I'm not sure what model though. Might have been a NFX.

First trick: I'm pretty sure it was a bunnyhop. But after that, I can't really remember. It could be from a one hander over a dirt jump, a 180 on a quarter pipe, or a coaster brake kickturn on a kicker ramp (I ran a coaster brake for years when I was younger).



It's too hard just to pick one answer. So I chose multiple answers! Haha.

Favorite trick: Nosepick tailwhips, sliders & fakies.

Favorite food: Pizza, Chinese Food, Filipino Food, burgers & fries.

Favorite drink: I love Coca-Cola. But when I'm riding, either water or Powerade/Gatorade.

Favorite movie: BMX Videos would be Road Fools 12, End Search & Square One Wide Awake Nightmare. Movies would be Transformers, Star Wars Saga, The Terminator Movies, Hitch, Bad Boys, Roll Bounce. And that's just to name a few!

Favorite superhero: I don't really have one. But when I was younger, I really liked Spawn, Spider-Man, Silver Surfer & Gambit.

3 favorite places to ride: Apple Valley Three Diamond Skatepark, Pedley Skatepark & Desert Hot Springs Bike Park.


Getting to know you

What are three places you want to travel to (they don't necessarily have to be riding related) and why?

First, I'd want to go to North Carolina. I've went on a road trip there with my family when I was eight years old, but I'd want to go again just to ride Ryan Nyquist's The Unit. That place just looks way too fun! Also, to go chill with the peeps over at Vein BMX. Second, I would say Woodward West. I've still never even been to Woodward. When I was younger, it was like always a dream to go there. Lastly, I would say New York City. It would be such a fun time just to ride around that place!

How have your dad and brother have affected your riding over the years?

My dad & my brother have affected my riding in so many ways! First off, my Dad, William "Crazy Lacy" Furmage, is the reason that I started riding in the first place. He was one of the first riders to be sponsored by Vans Shoes in 1982. He got my brother & I into riding ever since we were able to ride a bike. We grew up surrounded by BMX. My dad would always build us ramps & take us to our local wooden skatepark called Skate N Sport, which ended up closing around the year 2000. My dad had a few old school BMX videos from the 80's which I pretty much grew up watching. RAD is one of the movies that he had that I would always watch. I would say that my dad & all of the old school BMX videos that I would watch, have definitely been an inspiration to how I ride & my style of riding. Then, there's my older Brother, Chris. It was awesome to have a brother to look up to, to grow up riding with & to talk about anything BMX related. Even to this day, he still inspires me so much because he absolutely shreds on a bike. I seriously can't picture riding without having my dad & brother involved. A huge thanks goes out to them!

What are your plans for the rest of 2012?

Keep riding, filming, making edits, having a blast, spending time with family & living that FURM LIFE. ;]

Any final comments?

I wanna give thanks to my parents for everything that they do for me. Thanks to my brother, Chris, for always filming me & helping me keep my bike maintained. Thanks to Levi at Vein BMX. Thanks to everyone who I ride with, past & present, for all of the good times that I'll never forget. Thanks to anyone who has ever supported me & watched one of my videos. Thanks to Lorenzo Gallegos for giving me the chance to do this interview/bike check for Vital BMX. Shout out to everyone out there who rocks front brakes. Lastly, shout out to everyone in Apple Valley who keeps it real.


Frame: Amber Phero 21"

Fork: Macneil ID w/ 990 Mounts

Bars: Guerra Toro

Stem: Ezra Gauntlet Top Load

Grips: Alienation Backlash

Headset: Amber Integrated


Cranks: Odyssey Twombolt

Pedals: Ezra Flats Plastic Pedals

Sprocket: Ezra Equis 25t

Chain: Amber Half Link


Front Brake: Amber Lever, Ezra Elixor Cable & Dia-Tech Hombre Brakes

Rear Brake: Amber Lever, Dragonfly Upper Cable, SST Oryg Lower Cable & Odyssey Evo 2 Brakes

Detangler: Snafu Mobeus


Seat: Ezra Native

Seat Post: Amber Pivotal

Seat Post Clamp: Guerra "Spy" Internal Clamp

Back Wheel: Alienation Runaway Rim & G-Sport Ratchet 9t Hub

Back Tire: Eastern Burnout 2.10


Front Wheel: Demolition Zero Rim & Coalition Hub

Front Tire: Demolition Momentum 2.20

Pegs: Ezra Grind Pegs


Photo credit: Chris and Corey Furmage

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