Rumors have been flying and, unfortunately, the majority of them are true. Diamondback USA is dropping their BMX team and and will be primarily focusing marketing efforts on road bikes in the future.

Mike Hammond, the BMXer behind Diamondbacks' BMX program (who is a totally kick ass dude), has officially parted ways with the brand as well.

Many of the Diamondback riders' contracts go into 2014. It's unclear if they will remain on Diamondback throughout the rest of their contracts or if it will be handled in another way. Regardless, it's safe to say Ben Hucke, Mike Grey, Diogo Canina, Darin Read, and Matt Closson will no longer be a part of Diamondback very soon.

Diamondback UK is ran separately and will not be affected by this. It appears that they will continue to support and be involved in the BMX world.

UPDATE - Here is Diamondback's official statement on these changes courtesy of marketing manager Jon Kennedy:

"Diamondback still very much believes in BMX as a sport, BMX riders in general, and Diamondback's BMX Team. While our team is indeed changing shape in 2014, we will uphold our contractual agreements through the end of their term. Diamondback will continue to produce and sell BMX bikes in a streamlined fashion and will remain an important component of Diamondback's DNA. For the immediate future, our intent is to be nimble with our BMX product while continuing to serve our consumers with efficiency and excellent product. We wish our team nothing but the best as they move forward."

UPDATE - Here is an official statement from Diamondback pro Ben Hucke:


"I just wanted to chime in and clear the air on recent rumors that Diamondback is dropping all BMX freestyle and race teams. Yes, it's true. Diamondback is a big company in comparison to other "core" BMX brands, but the small BMX portion of Diamondback is very much the same as all other BMX companies. A couple actual BMX guys were running the show, we never had a huge budget, and the mentality was very much the same as any other BMX brands. "Have fun, make stuff, go on trips, have a good time…" and that's what we did.

The unfortunate thing with Diamondback US is that it has owners that probably don't even realize there's a BMX team or what Diamondback has meant to BMX since 1978.

This is not affecting Diamondback UK, as they are ran completely separately. They make completely different bikes and aren't as corporate as the US brand. Their bikes are still sold in local bike shops.

To me, this whole thing is sad and unfortunate. Riding for Diamondback was an honor and I'm happy to have ridden for a brand that supported some of the biggest legends of the history of BMX.

Mike Hammond, who was Diamondback's BMX brand manager, is one of the baddest trail riders and raddest dudes out there (if you've met him you definitely know what I'm talking about). He put his neck on the line to try to save the program. We're all bummed, but it's life.

I'm under contract with Diamondback until March 2014. They will be supporting me until then and I will be full factory Diamondback until the last second.

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