FISE: Chengdu 2017 Results

Finals just wrapped up at the final FISE competition of 2017. In the men's competition, Nick Bruce nailed two perfect runs and took home his first ever win at a FISE event. In the women's - despite battling adversity all week - Hannah Roberts retained her spot atop the throne. Here's a rundown of the results - 


1st - Nick Bruce

2nd - Logan Martin

3rd - Colton Walker

4th - Alex Coleborn

5th - Irek Rizaev

6th - Jack Clark

7th - Ricky Veronick

8th - Cam Peake

9th - Jonathan Camacho

10th - Declan Brooks

11th - Kostya Andreev

12th - Marin Rantes

BEST TRICK - Ricky Veronick - 1080 Barspin



1st - Hannah Roberts

2nd - Lara Lessmann

3rd - Macarena Perez

4th - Angie Marino

5th - Minato Oike

6th - Nika Ducarroz

7th - Elizaveta Posadskiih

8th - Rebecca Berg

9th - Analia Zacarias

10th - Nina Buitrago

11th - Shanice Silva Cruz

12th - Val Ward

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