FISE: Edmonton 2017 Results

The Canadian wind wasn't too friendly, but the riders managed to power through and throw down some great performances during UCI finals at FISE in Edmonton, Canada. Here's a rundown of the final results - 


1st - Daniel Dhers

2nd - Logan Martin

3rd - Daniel Sandoval

4th - Alex Coleborn

5th - Mike Varga

6th - Jack Clark

7th - Pat Casey

8th - Nick Bruce

9th - Brandon Loupos

10th - Cam Peake

BEST TRICK - Colton Walker / Flairwhip to Barspin



1st - Hannah Roberts

2nd - Maca Perez

3rd - Nikita Ducarroz

4th - Analia Zacarias

5th - Angie Marino

6th - Shanice Silva Cruz

7th - Val Ward

8th - Stephanie Nychka

BEST TRICK: Hannah Roberts - Flair


1st - Matthias Dandois

2nd - Jean William Prevost

3rd - Benjamin Hudson

4th - Raphael Chiquet

5th - Alex Jumelin

6th - Moto Sasaki


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