Last weekend, riders from all around the world traveled to compete and ride in one of the best International contest series that exists - FISE. This time it was the final stop being held on Langkawi Island in Malaysia. Below you will find videos featuring the finals runs of the top three pro riders, riding photos, and full results of the event, as well as the overall winners of the 2015 FISE World Series.

Daniel Sandoval

Daniel Dhers

Drew Bezanson

Malaysia Event Park Results  -

  1. Logan Martin - Australia
  2. Alex Coleborn - UK
  3. Daniel Sandoval - USA
  4. Jake Leiva - USA
  5. Ryan Taylor - UK
  6. Daniel Dhers - Venezuela
  7. Drew Bezanson - Canada
  8. Andreev Konstantin - Russia
  9. Allessandro Barbero - Italy
  10. Alex Nikulin - Russia
  11. Irek Rizaev - Russia
  12. Vladislav Melnik - Russia

  1. Rylan Kindness - Australia
  2. Matthew Bassingthwaighte - Australia
  3. Zafrin Shah Zafrin Shah B Sabikin - Malaysia
  4. Saiful Ariff Muhammad - Malaysia
  5. Raja Sharul Yusof Raja Ahmad Abhami - Malaysia
  6. Sxafiq Muhaman Bih Hozzalhm - Malaysia
  7. Sunny Mohd Shahrulnizam Ahmad - Malaysia
  8. Mack Huhammao Nor Bin Miho - Malaysia
  9. Arpitt Muhammad Hafiz Bin Ahamad - Malaysia
  10. Hardrian Galvin George - Malaysia
  11. Boy Sarawac Hadric Tadaski - Malaysia
  12. Ijol Muhammad Fazizol B Bahauddin - Malaysia

2015 Series Overall Winners -

  1. Logan Martin - Australia
  2. Daniel Sandoval - USA
  3. Alex Coleborn - UK
  4. Daniel Dhers - Venezuela
  5. Jake Leiva - USA

Words from FISE regarding the top four pro riders in the overall series -

"Massive congratulations to Logan Martin, the overall winner of the 2015 FISE World Series!

The 21-year-old Australian dominated the American Daniel Sandoval in the 2015 FISE World Series finals. Logan showed the powerful and technical style we know of him and it worked out for him once more. We saw some perfect runs yesterday, and that is exactly what allowed him to climb all the way up the overall rankings. "I tested my lines during practices, and I was feeling good! I love this park and I was impatiently waiting for this contest." said Logan Martin.

Daniel Sandoval, 19-years-old, finishes at the second place of the FISE World Series. Daniel had won first place in the Montpellier earlier this year, so he was a few points ahead but he lost the advance in China, and was never able to reach a score to come back ahead.

Alex Coleborn takes third place in the ranking, and is definitely amongst the best BMX riders in the world. We had the chance to witness impressive runs from this English rider last weekend, all performed with amplitude and technicality.

Daniel Dhers from Venezuela, winner of the 2014 FISE World Series, finishes in fourth position despite a massive crash in Montpellier and a scooter accident here in Malaysia. He certainly has the biggest results in his career in the BMX world. His commitment to the sport and his professionalism have been keeping him on a roll for over 10 years now."

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