Hell on Earth is being reinvigorated and they are starting with a new site. Expect big things from them soon. Here are a few words from director Greg Walsh.


When we named our first company “Hell on Earth” in 1995, we never thought it, or we, would be alive- or much less, relevant- in 2010.
But here we are.
There have been plenty of bumps in the road during that time, but there is no progress without struggle.
Now, for the first time in years, we have a streamlined group of people at all levels of the company, all complimented excellently by Sidewall Distribution.
We’ve sponsored some fantastic bike riders, some of the biggest metal and hardcore bands in the world, several fast-rising and already at the top starts in Mixed Martial Arts, and due to our own errors, have still remained virtually un-noticed.

Not for long.

The soul of this brand is rooted in discontent, and true discontent does not have a shelf life.
We make things for people to wear & enjoy; we represent things we hope people can relate to and think about when they’re all alone and their ego’s are asleep.
We took a break, but it was merely hibernation.
The holes have been patched; the ship is no longer taking on water.
The spirit of vengeance cannot be bought- then, now, or ever.
We’re back, and the gloves are off.

“If you don’t live what you talk about, your mirror’s gonna find out…”

-Greg Walsh

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