Getting BMX bikes allowed into public skateparks is not always a simple task. But thanks to Bikes Belong, you can now be armed with significant information when you approach your city council about the issue. The Bikes Belong website has published a story titled “BMX Belongs” which is packed with great information and facts. If you are trying to get your local park to allow bikes, or trying to get a park built in the first place, this is a great resource. The more organized and professional you present your case, the greater chance of success you have. Going to the city and saying, "We want a bike park" is one thing, but when you present an arguement like this, you are on the right track:

"Freestyle BMX riding is an exciting and challenging activity that engages young people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. BMX parks—and skateparks that permit BMX riding—provide safe places for kids to ride and socialize, keeping them off busy streets and away from trouble. Unfortunately, BMX riders are often excluded from public skateparks across the country, largely due to unfounded claims that their presence in parks is destructive and even dangerous."
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