Name: Jase Lewis

Age: 21

Hometown: Bridlington, England

Sponsors: KisBikeCo

Age you started riding: I think I was 16 going on 17. I'm not sure.

First bike: My first bike was a stock Alone dirt bike, probably the heaviest bike ever!

First trick: Definitely was the Xup.

Tricks you are working on: Well, got some things I'm working on, but flair bars are on the agenda.

First sponsor: Well, Kis is my first sponsor.

How you got involved with Kis: Well, came down to my Local park after work as normal, road my bike as normal, and Alex was riding around and just before he left he introduced himself as the owner off Kis, got talking and then pretty much went from there really.

Anything in the works?: Yeah got my summer edit coming up soon, some good clips in there already. No trips planned at the moment but there should be soon. Heading up to Unit 23 next month, staying up there for a couple of days, and Woodward is on the agenda for the start of next year!

Frame: Kis Spark 20.5

Bars: WeThePeople Patron

Stem: S&M Race

Grips: ODI

Forks: Éclat

Seat: Kis slim

Seat post: Kis

Sprocket: Kis

Cranks: Primo Hollowbite w/ Primo ti spindle

Pedals: Odyssey Twisted

Front wheel: Kis hub on Odyssey Hazard w/ Primo spokes

Back wheel: Kis hub on Proper rim w/ Primo spokes

Chain: Kmc

Tires: Fit FAF

Brakes: Éclat

Gyro: Odyssey

Cables: Odyssey

Brake Lever: Odyssey medium

Headset: Odyssey

Bottom bracket: United

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