We came up on a batch of new trailers today. First we have a brand new promo for the classic “Joe Kid on a Stingray.” If you’ve never seen the invisible halfpipe, now is the time.

Bob Scerbo also sent us the trailer for the new Animal Road Trip video along with "Don't Quit Your Day Job," which is a true classic. Scerbo put some serious rap music behind the Animal trailer, so if you don't like swearing or if your parents are around, you may want to turn the sound down a bit.

"New Joe Kid on a Stingray—Swing" 

Animal Road Trip Trailer

"Don't Quit Your Day Job"

To see more promos and trailers for BMX videos, scroll down and take a look at all of the videos we have waiting for you here in The Trailer Park. If you’re a company with a trailer you’d like to get parked here, send an e-mail to mlosey@vitalBMX.com and we’ll get things in the works.

Complete Trailer Park List

Animal's "All Day"

Animal Road Trip Trailer

Dave Mirra BMX Challenge

"Don't Quit Your Day Job" 

Eastern's "Nerdy"

Etnies' "Forward" 

Etnies' Mike Escamilla Trailer 

Etnies' Ruben Alcantara Trailer 

Etnies' Team Video trailer 

Hoffman Bikes' "Broke Off" 

"Joe Kid on a Stingray" 

"Joe Kid on a Stingray—Swing"

"Local Exposure 2"

"Local Exposure 3" 

Mega Tour 5

Micreation Promo 1

Micreation Promo 2

Premium Products Video

Props 61

Road Fools 15

Shadow Conspiracy's "The Calling" (John Jennings promo) 

Shadow Conspiracy's "The Calling" (Alistair Whitton promo) 

Shadow Conspiracy's "The Calling" (Byron Anderson promo) 

Shadow Conspiracy's "The Calling" (Joe Simon's promo) 

Shadow Conspiracy's "The Calling" (Ryan Sher promo) 

Shook's "Brainstormed"

Square One's "Up Close"

Square One "Holiday Tour" 

Standard's "Stronger than All" (#1) 

Standard's "Stronger than All" (#2) 

Standard Stronger Than All (Euro Riders)

Subrosa Teaser

Team Pimpske's "Doin' it for the Hood"

The New Volume "On the Clock" Trailer

Volume's "On the Clock" 

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