Some sad news from the Total BMX camp. Kevin Peraza is no longer riding for the brand. Co-owner and brand manager Ronnie Remo had the following to say.

Photo by- Annija Anna Dunaja

"It is with great regret that we announce that Kevin Peraza will be leaving Total BMX as of now for pastures new, Kevin was on a contract until the end of 2013 but we agreed to release him.Kevin has been the subject of multiple offers from other Bike Companies in recent times and this has only increased since winning Simple Session 13.

I felt I could not stand in Kevins way as his future is very important to us as Kevin is not only a rider here at Total BMX he is part of the family and we care about him no end. Our riders welfare comes before business.I would mention right now that Kevin has been such a loyal guy all his time at Total, as are all of our team riders who ride for Total because they believe in what we are doing here and just love being part of such a talented team and family.I would like to to thank Kevin for all his support and all those smiles he has given us and all of those magic BMX moments, I wish him all the best and we will remain good friends and I will always be his Uncle Remo ha.Total BMX will continue our strategy of finding our own young talented riders and supporting them and the scene as we have always done, I guess at the end of the day we are a Rider run and owned Brand and we cannot compete when the big Corporations come along.

The Total BMX team now looks like this with the recent edition of 12 year old Troy Hayward, we are still strong and are very proud of what we think is an amazing bunch of riders-

UK- Mark Webb, Alex Coleborn, Jack Watts, Troy Hayward (18” Rider)
USA- Daniel Sandoval
Australia- Kyle Baldock, Todd Meyn, Chance Brejnakowski, Andrew Ahumada
Germany- Paul Tholen
Hungary- Konrad Szabo"

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  • Luka_Cattelani

    5/2/2013 5:02 AM

    too much style for being on total

  • Manzprocyon

    5/2/2013 3:10 AM

    the saddess

  • Francisco_Manjarrez

    5/1/2013 6:03 PM

    Damn that shit left me speechless!

  • julien

    5/1/2013 5:26 PM

    yeah money is more important than friendship !

  • Lanky Nathan

    5/1/2013 6:36 PM

    Just because he left doesn't mean he won't be friends with them. Say you were working at kmart or something and you got an offer to work somewhere else at double the wage you were getting there. It's a better opportunity and a better career option. Wouldn't you take it? This is the same.

    Just sucks Total can't be that big company. One day though!!! One day

  • Scotty Hamlin

    5/2/2013 12:57 PM

    Julien dude thats a really shitty thing to say after the manager clearly gave the best heartfelt speech I have read in sponsorship terminations, and factually puts it that kevin may be offered bigger things than money, for instance more travel promos, more life events and yet even more.... who knows could be free gym membership all year, but pleae keep the needlessly rude comments in your head, it's not bmx to talk like that.