Kevin Robinson Wins X-Games Big Air 20

PhotoKevin Robinson took the win at X-Games Big Air. Anthony Napoltan pulled two double frontflips! Here are the results:

1. Kevin Robinson (Gold)
2. Chad Kagy (Silver)
3. Dave Mirra (Bronze)
4. Allan Cooke
5. Anthony Napolitan
6. Morgan Wade

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kylecarlson kylecarlson 7/31/2009 7:10 PM

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Id have to say it's because all he did on the quarter was air out....he probably could have done an x up out and gotten gold he did get robbed though with 5th

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Anthony was definitely under scored. Rider judged comps next year? That wouldbe cool to see. Also, no
-rally car
-mx race
-mx best whip
-mx for guys with no legs. No offence, but it just ain't what x games is about

I'd almost rather see rollerblading instead...

Morgan has a sweet mo

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every one rode awesome...but.....dubble front? maybe should have takin it....... i think a lot of kids are going to be very unhappy....maybe he should have made it look harder?

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Anthony should be the happiest not rlly sure how he got 5th with a double front flip...but he should be so stoked that he landed 2 of em

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judge's suck ass X-gaymes ... good tricks from Kevin but Anthony should have win ! HE'S pushing the sport to the limit GO BIG OR GO HOME nice double front Anthony !

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