While riding at Dave Mirra’s warehouse in Greenville, NC, Mike Spinner decided to go for a 1080 on the resi (that’s three 360’s in one jump if you suck at math). Spinner said that on his first try he actually over-rotated. He didn’t fully commit on the second try, so he spun one more into the foam and then fired a perfect 1080 on the resi on try number three. Spinner is making quite a name for himself in the big-trick arena; we can only guess what’s coming next.

To see Mike Spinner in action, check out these videos.

Mike Spinner Pulls a 1080 on a Resi  Mike Spinner Pulls a 1080 on a Resi 
Spinner Interview Part 1
 Spinner Interview Part 2
Mirraco at Rye Airfield
Portland Dew Tour
Spinner Magic Tricks

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