Mike Vincent has been heavily involved in the BMX scene for what seems like a lifetime. Nearly everyone in BMX knows Mike, and I am proud to call him a good friend. With that kind of build up, though, you know there is bad news coming. Mike was recently involved in an accident in Los Angeles and is now in serious condition in the hospital. A group of his friends have been keeping updates flowing, and the latest info is below.  We will keep you updated as things progress. We’ve all got your back, Mike. Always have, always will.—Losey

Mike Vincent is a BMX rider who has been a prominent fixture in the sport for many years. Mike has worked as a judge for all of the major competitions, including the X Games, LG Action Sports World Tour, AST Dew Tour, and the former Gravity Games. He has also been part of most of the core BMX competitions, including Rebel Jam and the CFB events. Mike is also a regular at any Los Angeles track bike gathering, and all around a great guy.

Some of you may have already heard about Mike's terrible accident two weeks ago. While riding his bicycle to work he was struck by a car. Although he sustained minimal body injuries, he did sustain major head trauma. After spending a few days in the ICU, Mike looked to be headed towards a speedy recovery. He was lucid and talkative. He even managed to tell the doctors he didn't eat meat, along with asking to go to 7-11 for Gatorade.

However, last Thursday his brain swelled dramatically and he had to undergo a craniectomy. To allow space for swelling, the left side of his cranium was removed and placed in his abdomen to keep the bone alive. This episode was a major set back in his recovery.

More bad news came a few days later when a CT scan revealed that a fractured rib had punctured one of his lungs, which after a few days collapsed and filled up with blood. He underwent another surgery to scrape the clotted blood and to install tubes for drainage. To help his breathing the doctors also performed a tracheotomy and will slowly wean him off the respirator. The doctors have also found multiple blood clots, which at any point in time can cause serious problems.

Although we wholeheartedly believe in his full recovery, the reality of the situation is that it will be a long road. At the moment, the doctors have predicted that Mike will stay in ICU for another 4 to 6 weeks. This is just the beginning of his journey to recovery.

Mike is currently staying at the ICU at Cedar Sinai. If you live in the LA area and would like to see him, feel free to come by and show your support. His mom appreciates the visitors. Because he is in ICU, the number of people allowed in his room is limited to two. Also, gifts such as flowers are not allowed in, so please save that stuff until he's got his own private room and can enjoy it.

A strong group of friends are in the process of forming a non-profit organization on behalf of Mike and his parents. They will need all the love, support, help, and donations they can get. If you have any ideas and suggestions for fundraisers please send an email with details to MikeVincentUpdates@gmail.com

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