Chris Moeller, the CEO of S&M/FIT, hit this to say about Morales, Hawk, and Roche parting from the company:
Photo"From day one Robbie helped build an amazing team for FIT. I had known Mike, Van and BF for a long time but I actually never imagined they'd ride for us...Robbie did-and he made it happen. He also introduced us all to Edwin, one of the most innovative and influential riders ever. Robbie definitely has a gift for spotting the best and most stylish riders around.

I called Robbie yesterday to ask him about some more shady rumors I heard at Interbike and he got frustrated and abruptly quit his job. I immediately got a call from Hawk and Dak who also quit the team. Months ago I had been approached by Robbie to start a new brand with only the younger team riders so this didn't surprise me but I was bummed to lose these two because I like them both a lot. I have no hard feelings toward any of the guys and I think everyone should do what makes them happy. So good luck boys, and new frame sponsors be aware if you need some Dak or Hawk frame gussets we have some for sale!"

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