Nick Bruce off Total BMX 4

Nick Bruce off Total BMX

Nick Bruce has officially parted ways with Total BMX. Here's his official statement - 

"I want to thank Total BMX for the great 6 years. I still remember like it was yesterday being in France in 2015 when Ronnie Remo & Alex Coleborn sat me down to chat & asked me to ride for the brand, I nearly freaked out lol. They gave me the opportunity to ride for a dream company, be a part of one the most progressive BMX teams ever, reach many career goals, & the chance to have a signature frame! Thank you so much to everyone that has an Americano, it truly means more than you know!

After heavy contemplation, I decided I want to explore something new & closer to home! Thank you Remo for all of your support & being respectful with my decision. I wish Total BMX all of the best with their future! More news coming very soon!"

Expect Nick to drop the big news very soon...

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kylecarlson kylecarlson 6/19/2021 4:28 PM

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Wow! This is a shocker. I think he still lives in Ohio and DK is located in Ohio and is a semi big brand in BMX. I have to imagine DK is probably what he is referring to by saying "explore something new & closer to home!" But we will see and I am looking forward to his next big sponsor!

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I was thinking the same. Would be rad to see DK in the freestyle scene more. They recently picked up Jack Borthwick, and of course Bezanson is still going strong.

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I could see that, but DK hasn't been that big in freestyle for a while-maybe this is a comeback? "Closer to home" could just mean a US based brand, so most of them would factor in since Total is a UK brand.

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