Nigel Sylvester on Jordan Brand 11

Nigel Sylvester on Jordan Brand

Nigel Sylvester is officially riding for Jordan Brand. 

Nigel has been riding in Jordans for years and has worked with the brand in the past, so this next step comes as no surprise. 

Hit the Jordan Brand site for more photos and an interview with Nigel on joining the team.

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kylecarlson kylecarlson 9/9/2021 10:04 AM

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Specialized has traditionally been very selective and had good foresight when choosing their riders. I understand they're not considered a core BMX brand, but I bet they have a pretty solid contract to get the return and exposure they want. Nigel is going to have to put out edits to do that, and be doing more than standing on his feet. I think specialized and Jordan will probably put out some good products as a result of this partnership. There can never be too many good shoes for riding. I usually struggle finding them with as much padding as I prefer, so I am interested to see what comes of the Jordan thing. Yes it sucks, because I'm not supporting a core brand...but shoe companies tend to just relabel whatever the hipsterist skate shoe is, and I hate feeling like I'm wearing slip ons.

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He's been on Specialized for just shy of a year, and I have heard legitimately nothing. No BMX parts/bikes, no edits, this is the second photo I have seen? I follow Specialized on social media and they have made one or maybe two posts related to Nigel, so anything in collaboration has been on his personal (or professional) social media. Seems a bit odd to me. Normally brands will repost or even post their own photos/clips of their riders and any new products their riders helped create. There is nothing about BMX on the Specialized website when you check out their product line-not even a "coming soon" tag. Kinda seems like they are using him to get his core followers to check out other bikes etc (nothing wrong with that) and he is aiming for that paycheck and notoriety that such a big brand can bring.

If they truly wanted to get back into BMX, they would be bringing on some other riders who are currently known for riding, design some parts and start teasing those. Nigel was a huge name in BMX for a while, but has irons in other fires, but doesn't really drop much for edits etc these days, so people are more into the current riders.

Specialized tried to bring BMX back about 2011 or so, and it didn't go over well. The bikes were solid, looked good etc, but the lack of aftermarket parts (had to buy 1 of 2 completes) did not help them, and the lack of really any advertising on those bikes also helped it kinda flop. They would do well in racing I think, but freestyle needs a couple current pros, some edits, some aftermarket parts and a few completes. Show that they ACTUALLY want to be a part of BMX and not just try to cash in on that early-mid teenager spot where kids go from just riding around to getting an MTB or road bike.

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I went and followed him on instagram and 99% of it is ads for brands. I think He is a solid product spokesperson, but I don't see him dropping an edit that would be comparable to anything in the last couple years. His riding looks like he is rusty, and stiff. Almost like he has been too busy doing all the other things (photos/ads etc) to really get much time in on the bike.

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I know they were decent back then, they stopped making BMX stuff like 8 years ago and haven't done anything with Nigel on. Curious if they ever actually will or not @SoCalShreds

My first bike was this 2007 Specialized Fuse.
They had more legit bikes with 25/9 gearing a few years later. They seemed to be about as good as any other complete. And the benefit was they got BMX into shops that otherwise wouldn't stock BMX bikes.

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