Name: Pascal Lafontaine

Age: 20

Sponsors: Superstar BMX and Unicorn Distribution

First real trick that you ever landed?

360 out of a bank for sure hahaha!

One trick that you just can't seem to do very well?

Crank arm grind hahaha.

I think it's funny to say that because I'm always doing tooth hangovers to crank arm but just crank arm...I can't do that.

How old were you when you got your first "real" BMX bike and do you remember what it was?

Yeah haha it was a Mirraco 2009 with brakes and no pegs when I was sixteen.

Where are you living at right now and what is the scene like around there?

I'm actually living in Montreal. We have some dope indoor skatepark due to the winter weather. The scene is continually growing so it gets better and better every year.


How is your Cali trip going? I know you injured your foot, what happened with that?

Haha yeah...This is officially a bad timing for an injury but everyone was tired the past days of filming and we decided to shoot a short street line before diner. While the cameraman and photographer was setting up the stuff I decided to practice my line and fell on my foot. 15 second after that, I knew the filming for California was over. Even if we stop filming, I think we got some good stuff to make a nice video. The trip with Nicolas Poitras-Gamache (cameraman) and Michael Delatte (photographer) was so amazing and thats why we decided to plan some other ones in Paris, New York, and some other places soon.

Last year you spent a good time off your bike due to various injuries. What are some of the injuries you endured and approximately how much time did you spend off your bike?

This summer was my first real injury since I started riding BMX. I broke my scaphoide and I spent 3 month off my bike. It was the first time that I needed to wait more than 2 week before riding and it was so terrible. Even if the 3 month was the worst 3 month of my life, I think this injury made me change my style a little bit when I was coming back because I stopped doing as much roof drops and began to practice more technical lines. Before my accident I was unable to put together good manual lines and my list of tricks was limited. So, if I think about that, this injury became a positive accident.


Even between the injuries you obtained last year you were still able to release some insane edits which makes me curious as to what is on the horizon for you this year. Do you have any big plans?

Like I said previously, Nicolas, Michael and I are preparing for some other trips for the summer and the rest of the year. Media coverage has been going really well with us that's why we drop a bunch of videos for Superstar BMX and Unicorn. We plan on dropping a lot of web edits in the next few months like we have done recently!

For The sponsors and things like that, I can't talk about it because nothing is confirmed at the moment but I expect something for sure.

Any final words?

I would like to thank Med from Superstarbmx, Arnaud form Unicorn Distribution, Pierre-Luc Masse, Michael Delatte, Nicolas Poitras-Gamache, my friends and all of you that are helping me to progress in what I love! I would also like to thank Lorenzo Gallegos for this interview.


Frame: Superstar Flagship

Fork: Superstar Neutral 2013


Bar: Superstar Swinger

Grip: Alone

Stem: Superstar top load 2012

Headset: Superstar


Cranks: Superstar Duty

Sprocket: Superstar Pimp

Pedals: Superstar Nylon

Bottom Bracket: Superstar


Hubs: Superstar

Hub guard: Superstar front hub guard

Rear tire: Duo

Front tire: Fit

Seat: Superstar thick pivotal


Photo credit: Nicolas Poitras-Gamache (1st photo) and Michael Delatte

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