The Basics...

Name: Phil Jones

Age: 25

Sponsors: Guerra , Vein mailorder, Mindsetgear , Philthyfilms

Hometown: Gastonia , NC

Current location: Gastonia , NC

First Bike: DK General Lee !

First trick: Feeble grind


Favorite trick(s): wallrides...anything that involves pulling up hard.

Favorite food(s): Fried rice with Shrimp sauce CICI's Pizza

Favorite movie(s): Dumb & Dumber , Uncle Buck...I like throwback movies.

Favorite beverage(s): Sweet Tea ans Diet Sundrop. Sundrop was born in Gastonia !

3 favorite places to ride: The Foundation spot in Charlotte , NC called Noda. Built by the boys and I. NYC and Philly.

Getting to know you...

First off, how did everything come about with you joining Guerra?

Well they hit me up to see if I wanted to ride for them. I've known those guys for a long time so there wasn't a lot of pressure. I've Always been into the logo and designs of all the parts since it all started. I'm all about change in life, so I gave this a green light. Joining the forces with shredder and long time friend Seamus Mckeon is awesome as well. Right now it's him and I on the team. Big things are in store and I'm stoked to get the ball rolling.

Also, now that you are on their Pro team, I'm assuming you are no longer on Eastern?

I never thought this day would come to be honest. Hard work does payoff. I have been on Eastern for quite some time. It all started right before their first team video the Death of Fun ,which was back in '09. Eastern gave me a dream opportunity to go on Mega Tour back in '09 as well, which I still think about today. My buddy Zach and I have been going hard for them for the past few years putting out several edits both solo and split edits from all over. We decided to get our own cameras not too long ago to film each other. Zach is still on there and is showing no signs of slowing down. I will miss putting the Eastern edits together with him though. All in all, Eastern treated me right , but I am glad to start the NEW and exciting Journey With Guerra !

My boss (Kyle Carlson) told me to tell you that you are one of his favorite riders by the way!

Ha I just turned red ! I hope Kyle and I cross paths soon. He deserves and big hug haha.

Do you and Guerra have anything in the works from now until the end of the year?

As of now things are just getting started. I've heard some trips are in the works for sure. Just taking things day by day. Things can only get better!

What's on the horizon for next year?

Ride as much as possible and have fun while doing it.

Any final words?

I have been though some tough times in my life. I don't know where I would be or what I would be doing if it wasn't for bmx. My brother Daulton is my biggest motivation in life. Big thanks to Vitalbmx for letting me do this. My parents for raising me the right way. Thanks to Mike Corley , Jon Byers , Leigh Ramsdell and Levi at Guerra and Vein for making my dream come true. My dude Zach Rogers and all my others great friends from all over...I'm sorry If I left anyone out. Just give me a cow bite next time you see me haha. Have fun with life. It's too short to take serious. Thanks again !! Oh and check I keep it updated on the reg with whatever I come across with bmx and randomness.

Frame: Guerra Triad 21 "

Fork:   Guerra Bane

Bars:   Guerra Toro

Grips: ODI Longnecks

Stem: Profile frontload

Headset: Eastern

Cranks: Eastern Nomad

Sprocket: Voice

Pedals: Eastern

Chain:Eastern Half link

Brake cable: Ezra

Seat: Animal

Pegs: Animal steel

Wheels: Ezra complete wheel set black with Eastern pop & lock hub guard.

Tires: Eastern Curb Monkey front and Eastern Fuquay back.

Photo Cred: Karl Poynter

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  • BJ Tomczik

    9/13/2012 9:11 AM

    best rider alive