While getting ready for a session Saturday night at New Jersey’s Incline Club, Scotty Cranmer went down hard. His first trick was going to be a footjam-nosepick-walltap, but he hung up on the way back in and went straight to flat on his face. The result was a rung bell, two missing teeth (roots and all), some stitches in his lip. Scotty put his teeth in a Zip-Lock bag, and the emergency room doctor put them back in and wired them to his other teeth—hopefully the roots will attach so he doesn’t have to get implants. Scotty is taking a few days off, but he’ll be back and going just as crazy for the Dew Tour coming up in Orlando.


We wish Scotty a speedy recovery, and if you don't know how amazing he is on a bike, click here to be amazed.

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