Stephen Murray is releasing an autobiography book titled, Staying Strong, on June 22nd of this year. Staying Strong will feature details about Stephen's life and climb to be one of the world's most-known professional BMX riders, along with his move to California to live out his BMX dream and his life-changing accident in 2007 that paralyzed him from the neck down. Read below for details -


"Stephens’s story is a rollercoaster of emotions – his story doesn’t have the ultimate happy ending whereby he is now able to walk, he is still paralysed but what it does detail is how to keep positive in the face of adversity, the power of staying mentally strong, living for your children and ultimately hope – he may walk again.

This book deals with some very dark moments, the challenges faced every day as a father going through a divorce, a custody battle and whether he will ever ride a bike again – Stephen may have lost the use of his body but he has never lost his love or passion for BMX. It’s this passion that pushes him through every day. His determination teaches us all that you are more than your disability and that although he has been taken to some dark places since his accident they are also mixed with some of the best days of his life.

Stephen has lived a completely crazy life, which includes rubbing shoulders with some famous faces from David Beckham to Pharrell Williams to Richard Branson and more – all of which have touched Stephen’s life along the way and he now wants to share his highly inspiring ‘no stone unturned’ autobiography with the world.

The book begins with Stephen’s last jump at the Dew Tour - an action sports competition developed as a joint venture between Live Nation & NBC sponsored by Mountain Dew back in 2005 - which was taking place in Baltimore in 2007 where he had his life changing accident. The story ashes back to his early life at home, growing up in Newcastle and pin points the moment he fell in love with BMX. With a nostalgic look back at the late 80’s BMX racing scene and the in uence it had on his riding, it then moves on to a change of scenery and life in Stratford, leaving racing behind and his evolution in becoming a dirt jumper. It documents his big move to California leaving behind his family at 18 and during his rst year in competition achieving what some would say the impossible by winning gold at both the X-Games and Gravity Games. Stephen was focused on riding every day and taking him to the very top of the game – the determination to achieve and the drive to show his peers he was the real deal, to be on top and stay there. Then came the sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle that Stephen got caught up in, hitting rock bottom – losing everything. Stephen was beginning to turn his life around through the positivity of riding his bike again when on the 22nd June 2007 that terrible accident happened and everything changed. Stephen’s life takes another huge U-turn with a custody battle, divorce proceedings and living life with a severe injury becoming a reality.

Stephen split from his wife and after many years battling the California courts, was nally able to move back to Britain with his two sons at the middle of last year. At the moment, his focus is on being a role-model, not only for action sports athletes throughout the world, but also for hundreds of thousands of quadriplegics and paraplegics and anyone who has felt that when they have hit rock bottom there is no way back – Stephen is here to let people know not to give up.

Off the back of his accident Stephen launched his own brand under the inspirational name of Stay Strong with the speci c aim of delivering a positive message. The brand is now recognised globally due to Stephens’s already strong legacy left from his days as the No.1 ranked BMXer in the world."

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