Steve McCann has always been a well known park and dirt rider, but lately he has been stepping his game up on the vert ramp. Vital BMX recently asked Steve a few questions about his recent progression in vert.

Steve McCann Talks About Vert Riding 


How long have you been riding vert for?

I’ve been riding vert for a little while, it’s hard to really say how long. I’ve been riding it on and off with Jamie Bestwick for a few years; nothing too serious though.

How long have you been competing in vert contests for?
I’ve done one or two contests when there has been a hand full of people there, i got last or second to last every time though, hahaha!

Lately, have you been riding vert more than park?
No! I still love riding park and dirt. I’d say I ride everything in equal amounts.

Who are some of your main influences in vert riding?
My biggest influence would be Jamie Bestwick. He’s the reason I’m as good as I am on vert. In fact, if it wasn’t for him, I probably wouldn’t have competed in any  contests this year. Thanks, Jamie!

Who do you usually ride vert with?
I ride vert with whoever is around. There’s a crew of guys; Jamie, Zack, Ron, Brian, Art, Andy, Kevin, Chad, and John. Most of us will ride street and then hit up the vert ramp for a bit.

Since you've been progressing so much in vert, have your park skills slowed down at all?
I wouldn’t say they’ve slowed down, they’re just learning how to catch up with my roommate Daniel Dhers. Hahahaha!

What have your highest placings in vert contests been?
My highest was a second place. I’m super pumped on that!

You're one of the few guys in Dew Tours that competes in vert, dirt, and park. Have you ever made finals in all three at one contest?

No, I haven’t made all three finals yet, but there are still two Dew Tour stops left! It will happen, i hope!

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

For the rest of the year I’d just like to keep it on two wheels! I’ll be trying some of my new tricks in the next few contests. I’m hoping to keep it rubber side up, hahaha!


 Steve McCann Talks About Vert Riding Check out this video of highlights from the ASA Vert Contest to see Steve McCann shred the vert ramp.


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