Rumors and speculation about Redline's future in freestyle BMX have been running rampant. This morning, I caught up with Dirk Sorenson, Redline Marketing Manager, to get the official word. Here are the key points I took away from our conversation -

- Redline is absolutely not shying away from BMX.
- Though their freestyle team is getting smaller, they will be spending more money on the remaining riders and on projects.
- They are not cutting their line of BMX bikes and will likely be expanding it in the near future.
- Mark "Flip" Filipowicz will no longer be the freestyle team manager.
- They will not be re-signing Zack Gerber, Brandon Christie, or Glenn Salyers.
- They are currently working on re-signing Tyler Fernengel, Brandon Dosch, and Josh Hult.
- Josh Hult's potential role with the brand is much larger and will involve him traveling and riding a lot more often and in a lot more places.
- It is possible that they will add another rider (or other riders) soon.

That's that. Anything you've heard beyond this is false.

Big thanks to Dirk at Redline for giving us this update. Keep watching their site to see new stuff.

UPDATE: Here's a statement from former TM Mark "Flip" Filipowicz -


"In the past two-and-a-half years, I've worked hard to help redline form a team I was proud of. I worked with the current riders at the time, such as Brandon Dosch, Josh Hult, and Brandon Cristie. I then brought in new blood like Zack Gerber, Glenn Salyers, and wiz kid Tyler Fernengel to round out what was one of the most diverse and talented teams in BMX.

In that timeframe, we went on some amazing trips, won an X-Games medal, made the cover of several magazines, produced web edits with view counts totaling over a quarter million, got tons of web and magazine coverage, ran amuck at this year's Texas Toast, turned a lot of people's opinion of the brand around, and, most of all, just had a damn good time.

However, it looks like our momentum has come to an end.

Redline has decided to make some changes and I am no longer going to be a part of the brand. I'd like to thank Redline and all of my teammates for two stellar years of good times and great memories. I wish the brand, the team, and everyone at Redline Bikes the best of luck in the future."

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