PhotoTom Dugan has parted ways with Terrible One and officially joined the Fit pro team. Here's a few words from Mike Aitken on this -

“I first met Tom Dugan when he was on a trip through Salt Lake. I showed up at the Fairmont Park with my son and he was instantly Owen’s best friend. Needless to say, Tom ripped the place a new atmosphere and left a lasting impression. Since then, I’ve seen his name pop up more and more and am always amped on the way he rides and seems to go way higher than anyone. Sometimes you meet people you feel you knew in a previous life… things just click and make sense; I definitely feel that way with Tom. I think he’s a perfect addition to FIT with his, ‘I don’t give a f@#k’ attitude and free spirit. I feel like I speak for the whole F-IT! family when I say 'Welcome brother!'"

Congrats, Tom!
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