The progress happening on VitalBMX has been amazing. Not only are all of you coming through with great photos, profiles, etc., but the programmers behind the scenes have been going nuts, too. The Community Search has really kicked things into gear, and there are more improvements on the way (easier photo and video uploads, easy-to-navigate forums, etc.). Thanks to everyone who has put together a profile—the more profiles on the site, the more fun it is to bounce from one person to the next to see what’s going on in BMX land. If you’ve got friends who haven’t gotten a VitalBMX profile yet, tell them to sign up so your scene is fully represented.

Also, if you’ve got a contest or jam coming up, let me know so we can get the info posted. The New Mexico Double Ditch Jam is featured on Vital right now with some great photos and video. If you’ve got an idea for doing something like that, keep me in the loop.

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