X Games 2016 is officially a wrap! Highlights included a few fresh faces taking home gold medals and the first ever Dave Mirra Best Trick Contest. Low points included a few injuries and Big Air being cancelled due to the weather. As per expect, a ton of amazing riding went down regardless. Check out the results, watch the winning runs, and start counting the days until the 2017 event!


GOLD - Kevin Peraza (Click Here to Watch)

SILVER - Ben Wallace (Click Here to Watch)

BRONZE - James Foster (Click Here to Watch)

4. Pat Casey

5. Hucker

6. Chris Doyle

7. Kyle Baldock

8. Leandro Moreira

9. Ryan Nyquist

10. Cory Nastazio

11. Anthony Napolitan

12. TJ Ellis


Click Here to Watch Street Highlights

GOLD - Garrett Reynolds (Click Here to Watch)

SILVER - Sean Ricany (Click Here to Watch)

BRONZE - Broc Raiford (Click Here to Watch)

4. Devon Smillie

5. Ty Morrow

6. Bruno Hoffmann

7. Chad Kerley

8. Alex Donnachie

9. Dakota Roche

10. Matt Ray

11. Sean Sexton

12. Alex Kennedy


WINNER: Kyle Baldock - 720 Double Tailwhip (Click Here to Watch)


Click Here to Watch Park Highlights

GOLD - Dennis Enarson (Click Here to Watch)

SILVER - Logan Martin (Click Here to Watch)

BRONZE - Kyle Baldock (Click Here to Watch)

4. Drew Bezanson

5. Ryan Nyquist

6. Mike Varga

7. Kevin Peraza

8. Daniel Sandoval

9. Pat Casey

10. Gary Young

11. Chase Hawk

12. Daniel Dhers

13. Scotty Cranmer


Click Here to Watch Vert Highlights

GOLD - Jamie Bestwick (Click Here to Watch)

SILVER - Simon Tabron (Click Here to Watch)

BRONZE - Dennis McCoy (Click Here to Watch)

4. Mykel Larrin

5. Douglas Oliveira

6. Vince Byron

7. Coco Zurita

8. Zack Warden

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