EZRA BMX is pleased to announce that Zachery Rogers is now on the Pro Team. Zach always reps the brands hard he currently rides for and is such a motivated guy so it was a no brainer to put him on board. He will be joining Karl Poynter and Seamus McKeon on EZRA. “Karl and Seamus are two of my favorite dudes.” said Zach “It’s gonna be great going on road trips and working on projects with those guys.”

Zach and the rest of the team will be working together on projects and have a direct impact on the companies branding and image as he says here;  “The team has a lot of input on the direction of EZRA. It’s awesome knowing that I will be able to work with my good friends to help with everything including product design, videos, trips, etc…”

EZRA Pro Karl Poynter had this to say  "I can't say enough how excited I am to have Zach on EZRA. His passion for riding bikes and positive attitude is very contagious. Anyone that has ever ridden with Zach knows this. Welcome aboard Zach!"

Currently Zach is wrapping up his first edit for EZRA which will come out on 10/12/12 at www.ezrabmx.com.

EZRA BMX, Eastern Bikes, Mindsetgear, Hardcore Sportz and Philtyfilms sponsor Zach.

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