43 Hardware / Institute Distribution will be doing a DVD for your viewing pleasure called 4 Seasons; team riders are. Austin Coleman, Ben Snowden, Mike Saavedra, James Foster, Mike " Hucker" Clark, Josh Harrington, Kyle Cole, Luke Parslow and other team riders. Video editing & filming done by Zachary Peacock; 4 Seasons will be available though our U.S. distributor Sidewall Distribution. Call Sidewall @ (405) 528-4130 for availability. Also 43 Hardware have moved into a new warehouse in Santa Ana, You can contact 43 @ PH: (714)783-7589 FAX: (714) 398-8386. There will be new stem bolts form 43 also (Gold Platted) Hollow Bolts and they will be available mid June '07.

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