Alex currently owns and operates Give D! Clothing in San Diego. He started it in 2006 as a project to promote positivity and good times with the help of his team members which also happen to be his best friends. These goals and attitude fit perfectly with what The Take wanted in a brand manager and it is proud that Alex accepted the position. “The Take has been out of the public eye for some time now and I can’t wait to start rebuilding the brand. There will be a lot of positive changes over the next year including upgrades to our frames, parts and apparel lines; upgraded Ivy and Time frames are available now.” The team will be acquiring new members that have the fun attitude and feel good vibe that The Take represents. Alex’s first step as brand manager was adding Nick Corsiglia of San Diego and Give D! and Denny Pascasio of Long Island to the team. “They are easy going, have positive attitudes, their own unique personalities, and the ability to shred effortlessly with amazing style and creativity; expect to hear more about these two riders in the coming year along with the rest of the team’s ability to kick ass.” "Its been a bumpy road, but its good to finally see some solid direction at The Take once again. I am stoked that The Take is getting organized and coming back strong with a new team manager as well as new and improved product. I can't wait to see what 2008 is like with a revitalized team and management..." -Mike Hinkens "I think The Take is a great company with a lot to offer, I couldn't ask for a better team, everyone that is apart of it is amazing in their own way. When I heard that Alex was going to be the team manager I was pretty psyched to hear it. The Take team was almost like the "lost boys" but now with Alex at the top trying to make things happen with the teams support and last call distro backing us up, I think a lot is yet to come for The Take. Between the new frames about to drop and all the new things to come that are in the works, I know a lot of people will be happy with what we have to offer." -Nick "Spam" Ponterio "I'm really stoked to hear all of these positive changes that are happening for The Take. I can't wait to see how The Take will grow, and I'm excited to go on some trips with the team! -Noah Cox "The first time I saw a Take I was amazed at the unique simplicity, neatness and attention to detail that was very apparent within the frame. Nearly three years later, John Lee and the boys have impressed me yet again with the new 08’ frames and clothing line! The Take is dialing in for the future! And I'm down for all of it!" -Louis Reeves “Wow, I don't really know where to begin! It sounds amazing, the plans, the ideas, everything. It all just seems really positive and I’m super excited to be a part of that… Although, I must admit I don't feel like I deserve to be! But to hear of something so positive, I think it’s incredible, let alone being a part of The Take. From the effort Alex has put in already, I can tell it's going to be a good thing for sure”. –Sean Gardiner "I'm real siked to be joining The Take. I'm hoping that my good buddy Alex will bring it back up to where it was several years ago when tons of people were buying up those frames. Everyone over there seems to be really excited for what's to come and I'm right there with them!" -Nick Corsiglia "So basically, I've been down & all out for The Take since day one, the company is totally influencial to me & in my opinion a lot of the bmx scene, totally pushing fun & creativity. Its so awesome & awesome is totally an understatement! But now with our new team manager Alex, I couldn't be anymore stoked. Alex is definitely going to bring a lot to The Take table & just create more influence for the brand, the team & most of all, you cats on these pedalers!! So stoked on everything & thanks so much to you Alex & everyone & everything at The Take!" -Denny Pascasio

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