The classic game of P.I.G. meets BMX in each 30-minute, weekly episode of BMX P.I.G. This RUSH HD exclusive event is available on

Featuring top BMX athletes including: Americans Gary Young, Morgan Wade, and Ryan Nyquist. Canada's Dave Osato, Germany's Tobias Wicke, United Kingdom's Alistair Whitton, and Australia's Colin MacKay and Ryan Guettler.

This season, top BMX athletes from around the world travel to Singapore to compete in a friendly, but intense contest filled with tricks, one-ups and lots of trash talk. A total of 24 athletes form 12 teams of two; three teams compete against each other each day. The resulting top three teams battle it out in the final round. The P.I.G. series pits world-class extreme athletes against each other, as they pull out their most progressive tricks against breathtaking backdrops. P.I.G. is an intense contest of one-upmanship and elimination. If you miss a trick, you get a letter – spell the word P.I.G. and you're out of the game.

Watch Day 1 Competition Now:

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  • MCridaa

    1/17/2010 1:16 AM

    you don't have to be american dude coz im brittish and iv got it on sky+

  • 2wheelsisalluneed

    8/25/2008 5:40 PM

    cool but i cant go on it because i am not in america!