Baco, 2006!
First I want to thank Chad Degroot for having the inspiration to put this together for the second year in a row. He did a great job as things went smoothly and from what I saw, everyone had a great time.
As far as the actual contest goes, due to the Backyard jam, quite a few of the bigger name people who showed up last year couldn't make it down. Still, atleast 30 entered pro, most of whom were kids from the south east who, you might not have heard of now, but definately will in the future.Some really amazing stuff went down.
I don't have the results (check the Mesh website for a posting), but I can definately remember top two which went to Mark Mulville and Tony Maluof (overall winner). Both rode amazing-Mark having lines galore travelling at full speed weilding a "superman" costume, as Tony is one of the most dialed riders I have seen in awhile. At 17 years old, he goes real big and real tech. He deserved 1st. Besides being amazing on a bike, he's a pretty modest kid and definately acts much older than he is which was quite refreshing. Congrats to both of them.
Highlights were:
-Tony Cardona's alley-oop 270 from the spine into the vert wall wearing a 10 pound scooby-do costume.
-Dave Osato's 360 whip to 360 nosepick over the street spine.
-Jerry Ramon's barspin to nosepick to barspin in.
-Mulville's 12 to 14ft alley-oop lookback across a quarter.
-Jimmy Hale's tailwhip to fufanu on a sub.
-Johny Devlin's 90 degree 360 handplant over a hip.
-Ryan Herbach being super consistent and doing all sorts of flim flam across the course including an icepick on the outside deck of the street spine to hard 180 back in.
-Dan Sieg coming real close to a double tailwhip 180 over the deck spine.
As far as antics go, Catfish is still the most entertaining, no holds barred- uncensored announcer in BMX. He had a stripper handing out cash rewards during runs for innovative stunts. At one point the stripper had put on some lingerie while handing out the rewards, though, was shut down soon after when the cops showed up. Wild times.
The costume party afterwards in downtown Orlando was almost worth the whole weekend. Crazy costumes, crazy times. Check for more uncensored details.
Everyone at Profile would like to send a "get well soon" to Phil Jones from N.C. in hopes of a quick recovery from, probably, the worst fall I've ever seen on a bike. Phil was in intensive care on yesterday suffering some serious facial injuries from a fall off the sub-box. According to Mike McQueen, he is now in stable condition and is awaiting surgery. Our hopes go out to him for a quick recovery.
Thanks to everyone involved with Baco and the staff at Mesh skatepark. Looking forward to 07.

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