Contrary to what the last two welcome ads we’ve ran report, Davey Watson is no longer part of the DB program (he’s now riding for Federal). We love Davey very much and he’ll be a friend of DB’s and of our rider’s as long as he’d like to be, but we encouraged him to take the Federal offer. Having riders outgrow our budget and move on to greener pastures is nothing new to us, but no one has ever done this as fast as Davey did. We were happy to help him and honored to call him a DB rider for the brief time that he was, but as much as we wanted him to continue to be a part of our program, we’re not about to do anything that would keep a brother down. Federal was able to offer Davey a much more substantial financial package than we could come up with that has given him a great opportunity to ride full time and live out his dreams of doing so. We congratulate both Davey and Federal and wish them all the best.

Those interested in filling the “spot” that Davey had on the team would serve themselves well to focus more on having fun (and refer to the sponsorship section of the FAQ’s on our site) than to pursue the gas money that Davey left on our table. The salary we had (and still have) available for him was nothing to write home about (though that might be the only option for anyone that would take it since a stamp is so much less than many phone calls cost these days). We didn’t exactly have a “spot” available when we made Davey the offer we did. We just recognized the injustice that existed when no one was helping him out with any support and wanted to do what we could about that. So – no real “spot” available to fill on the DB team, but we’ll let people (those we’d like to) know when that changes.

As of the 1st of the year, Brian Fell is no longer responsible for the management duties of the Diamondback BMX team. All day to day management duties (travel bookings, payroll and other paperwork I shouldn’t be involved with) is now being handled by our good friends at Taow Productions in Portland, OR. Taow is a solid organization and will definitely indefinitely be managing these duties and others for the team.

We are proud to say that we are working on some products that we are also very proud of that should be made available to the public      by the middle of the year (late May). The list includes a new frame that will have a mid BB among many other features that all the kids want and will come in 20 ¾” and 21 1/8” TT sizes. The list also includes gloves, grips, sprockets and pedals.

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