This week on FUEL TV’s The Weekly Update With Boost Mobile, we bring you complete highlights of the 2007 Monster BMX Games--Australia’s biggest freestyle contest. Winning the park competition was Dave Dillewaard, winning the dirt and mini ramp contest was Ryan Guettler, and taking first in vert was Tim Wood.
In snowboarding news, we’ve got the results of the 2007 Burton European Open Snowboarding Championships in the Alps of Switzerland. Taking first in the men’s division was Crispin Lipscomb and in the women’s division was Holly Crawford.
At the ASR Trade show in San Diego, check out the Matix Lord of the Lines Competition, where Ronnie Creager skates his way to first place getting him the Golden Crown.
We’ll also hear from Camp Woodward’s Gary Ream live in the studio.
And in the Weekly Update One-on-One, pro surfer CJ Hobgood talks his future in surfing.
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