Cologne, Germany / Bornem, Belgium - April 9th 2008

It´s pak´d - Eastpak is stoked to announce the 08/09 bmx rider line up!
Yet again riders with a focus and sense for a certain lifestyle and character are the main essence to represent the image of the Eastpak brand.

TM Andy Zeiss: "I am super stoked on our team - It´s hard to say team because it´s more of a family anyway. Some of the riders have been with us for a while now and I am very happy even to ad some more fresh names with that certain attitude - That´s what Eastpak is about and looks out for. All of the guys are super individual and have a unique view on bmx – but all of them connect to each other perfectly. And of course needless to say that they are kick ass riders too, hahaha.” “Even the names you might miss from this year on are not “off” the team – we are still connected and they still remain in the family”

The international team will represent Eastpak´s image and spirit on a global level. Traveling, exploring and competing are the main things what the team will be doing.
So here is the new international Eastpak Bmx rider line up:

Ben Hennon - UK
Arthur Dietrich - FR
Mike Miller - UK
Stefan Lantschner - IT
Tobias Wicke - GER
Hannu Cools - BE
Raphael Chiquet - FR

But of course there are more riders in each country worldwide Eastpak supports.

TM Andy Zeiss: “For us it´s important to have the right guys behind us. There are so many great riders and personalities out there – and we are grateful to share an awesome relationship with them. Ale Barbero in Italy – Bruno Hoffman and Mike Steingräber in Germany - Phil Aller and Martyn Cooper in UK – Daniel Penafiel in Spain - Axel Jurgens in US/Spain – Ben Shenker in Hungary – Patrick Guimez in France – Chris Martatos in Greece – Pim van den Bos and the Pauls Boutique Team in the Netherlands – Senad Grosic in Austria – Clint Millar and the Colony Team - the list goes on and on.......”

So keep an eye out for these names – they are making it happen!!!

Also check the website for more and frequent bmx news, pics, clip and bios of the team soon.

Ride on

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