Effraim Catlow has started a new flatland blog. Here is some info straight from him:

Hello everyone,
I have launched my own blog, flatmattersonline.
To launch the blog I have started with a debate article asking the question, To scuff or not? Various Pros from Terry Adams, Matthias Dandois, Justin Miller, James White, Sam Foakes, Cory Fester plus few more, have kindly answered my questions.
I hope riders will subscribe to the blog and get involved in the articles, and also spread the word.
Flat does matter.
Heres my contribution to the artform, enjoy.
If you would like to contribute stories, photos, etc, please contact me at flatmattersonline@yahoo.co.uk.
Below is link to the blog, subscribe if you wish, and get all the updates as I do them, simple.

-Effraim Catlow

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