The Etnies BMX team popped in as guests on the newly renamed weekly Talk Show "The Sideshow" during their recent tour filming for the new Etnies Team Video. The new host for The Sideshow is someone who isn't afraid to speak his mind and can debate BMX vs. MTB with anyone - the producer of the "Back In The Saddle" series of mountain bike videos and former pro rider - Cory Leclerc. The Etnies riders are great ambassadors of their team and their sport and really showed the audience a good time. Cory took some heat during the interview but respect was due all around and the show is a definite must-see.

As the RipClock ticks down and the next programming schedule is refreshed you will see Morgan Wade from the Etnies team featured in the Mutiny BMX team video and "The Industry" when the Etnies team visits 3Ride BMX shop in Vancouver for an autograph signing. Dustin Guenther's Home invasion will follow shortly.

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