September 17, 2006 - Hoffman Bikes is proud to announce the upcoming release of 'Broke Off'. Produced by Nine to Five Films, 'Broke Off' is being filmed, edited and directed by North Carolina videographer Will Stroud, whose former video credits include The System Video, along with The Allan Cooke Local Exposure Tour Series.

Taking its name from the laundry list of injuries incurred by the Hoffman team during filming, 'Broke Off' chronicles the exploits of the Hoffman Bikes international team, including Seth Kimbrough, Ryan Barrett, Sebastian Keep, Will Love, Mat Hoffman, Brad Simms, Anthony Napolitan, Mark Potoczny, Zack Warden, Jeremie Infelise, Jon Taylor, Chris Souter, Billy Kibler and other team riders. Injuries suffered by the team during filming include 1 torn ACL, 2 torn MCLs, 1 shattered elbow, 5 broken ribs, 1 broken thumb, 1 separated shoulder, dozens of stitches, and more cuts and bruises than imaginable.

The DVD will be available worldwide on November 25, 2006, and will additionally feature out takes, slideshows and bonus riding from select members of the Hoffman Bikes team.

To view a short trailer for 'Broke Off' head over to the Hoffman Bikes website.

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