This is an awesome idea if I say so my self. Matt Bischoff's & Nate Wessel's families have teamed up to launch Rad Like Dad. The concept is simple. Supply brands clothing in sizes that will fit children. Check out the press release below.


Press Release:

We are beyond stoked to announce the launch of our site  Rad Like Dad is an online store that sells children's BMX clothing, bikes and accessories. We are proud to offer exclusively licensed BMX clothing that have never been available to infants & toddlers before. We hold licenses with over 15 major BMX brands including S&M, Fit, Odyssey, The Shadow Conspiracy, Sunday, Subrosa, Failure, Kink, Standard, Snafu and more to be announced soon.  We also carry products from Etnies, Strider, TSG, ZUM, and more.  


Who we are:

Hello from the Bischoffs & Wessels!  We are two families, great friends, both fully immersed in the BMX culture and wanting edgy fun clothes for our kids. Matt & Tessa Bischoff have two children, both boys.  Matt Bischoff is the founder of Failure Bikes.  Matt has worked within the BMX industry since 2005. He began riding bikes when he was 12 years old and began riding professionally in the 90′s. Nate & Ashlee Wessel have two children, both girls. Nate is the owner of ramp design and construction company, WesselBuilt LLC.  He has been skating since ’84 and started riding BMX on a pro level in the 90′s. Nate is involved with Woodward Camp and has designed and built Woodward at Copper and Woodward Tahoe. For years, he has worked with the XGames and Simple Session contests to create amazing objects and parks to shred. Travis Pastrana had Nate design and build his personal backyard skatepark, as well as build ramps for the Nitro Circus 3D movie. He has also traveled with the Bikes Over Baghdad tour to Iraq, Qatar, and Kuwait to build ramps and put on entertainment for our troops.  Together we share the same love for life and passion for adventure.  We are always thinking outside the box and couldn’t be more stoked to be working together to make Rad Like Dad rule!


Our story:

"In 2005, I became pregnant with the first of my two children.  As with any new parent, I went out on a mission to find the coolest clothes I could find to put on my new baby.   Rubber ducks and teddy bears were definitely not on my list. As if shopping for cool clothes for a boy wasn’t hard enough, I was shocked at the complete lack of BMX baby clothing!  I had a tough time putting shirts from other sports on my baby when the very foundation of my family was built on BMX.

So Matt & I took the problem into our own hands and began printing custom bmx onesies for our kids and other friends with kids that had the same love for BMX. We had an incredible response from people every time they saw our boys rockin’ out the shirts. At the time the demand to do something on a larger scale really wasn’t there, but over time our friends were also starting to become parents.  In addition, we began seeing more little mini shredders out there starting to ride at a much younger age.  Our son began riding his first BMX bike without training wheels when he was 2. Times are changing and we think it is the perfect time to help our sport grow starting at a very young age!

We knew we didn’t want to just make just any BMX shirt, we want parents to be able to put the same exact brands that they love and support on their children. So we began reaching out to brands and shared our passion with them.  They were eager to jump on board and support our vision.  We began securing exclusive rights to clothing for many of the popular bmx brands. Realizing we didn’t want to do this alone, we reached out to our great friends Nate & Ashlee Wessel.  We shared our vision with them and they were excited to jump on board as business partners to help make the dream a reality."  -Tessa Bischoff


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